Most of the Disney villains do not represent an “average” or healthy body shape and size. Several of them are overweight or, the other extreme, skeletal.

The overweight villains and villainesses tend to have round body types and lack necks. Double chins are present in all of them, making them both clearly overweight and unattractive in comparison to the protagonists.

The thin villains are almost just as common and have a similar number of exaggerated features. In both Cruella DeVille and Yzma’s figures, both of them barely have breasts, once again downplaying their feminine aspects.

The first thin Disney villain, Dr. Facilier lack any musculature, making him appear less masculine.

Although it could be said that Disney is being more representative of the general population by showing both overweight and underweight characters, the problem is more that only villains are shown along this spectrum whereas the classic Disney protagonists are in perfect shape. Once again, Disney reinforces that what is outside of the average (in this case, body types) are evil.