The Evil Queen and step mother from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves is missing a bit more than a caring heart. Though her makeup, complete with red lips, black eyeliner, and eye shadow, gives an impression of feminine beauty her absence of hair gives her a very masculine appearance.

A black fabric hood hides her hair

Long flowing hair, associated in Western culture with women and femininity, is notably absent in all of the Disney women. Though not all of them lack hair, those that have it tend to have short hair or hair that is bound above the head and hidden from direct view. As seen below, both Maleficent and Yzma have no visible hair at all, making them appear much less feminine.

The villainesses that do have hair have shorter hair which also tends to be gray or white.

This is a clear contrast to the protagonists. All of them having long flowing hair, the exception being Cinderella and Tiana, but earlier in their respective films both of them are drawn with their hair down.

The absence of hair makes the villainesses severely less feminine and shows that women who are not feminine are unnatural. Their appearance sends the message that pure and good women have long flowing hair and that women who neglect their appearance are outsiders and evil.