In maintaining my thesis that the Disney villains send the message that what is outside of the norm is evil, I decided to look at eye color as an aspect of the inordinary being manifested in the characteristics of the villains and villainesses.

Frequently, Disney villains have either green irises or the whites of their eyes are yellow. Green is the most rare of all iris colors, uncommon in the general population except among those of Celtic heritage. Even within that population, green eyes make up, at most, 16%.

Lady Tremaine's green irises

The entirety of Maleficent's eyes are green

Dr. Facilier even has purple eyes, which are humanly impossible.

Yellow eyeballs are generally uncommon and associated with sicknesses including hepatitis, autoimmune liver disease, cancer or sickle cell anemia. The repeated use of this unnatural hue associates those in the minority with those disabilities and illnesses with villains.





Though there are many villains with yellow eyes, it should also be noted that several are regular. As opposed to green eyes, many Disney villains just have black eyes. The two exceptions are Mother Gothel, who has stone gray eyes, and Gaston, who has bright blue eyes. Gaston’s bright blue eyes, traditionally the most attractive eye color, further his caricatured attractive masculinity.

Gaston's bright blue eyes as he falls to his death.